Your questions, answered

Schnerp is not your normal booking platform. Let us explain.

What is Schnerp?

We help you find available sites at sold out campgrounds.

With parks opening for reservations months in advance, and popular campgrounds selling out within minutes on opening day, we discovered that the best way to get a site is when someone’s plans change and they cancel their reservation.

To find a cancellation, you could monitor the campground's website and refresh the page over and over again, or you could tell us what campground you're looking for and let us do the hard work.

How does it work?

First, you create a request, telling us what campground you're watching, your arrival dates, and your preferred campsites.

Then, our system takes over and scans your selected campground for a cancellation. If one of the sites in your availability window becomes available, we send you an email (or a text) with a link to book the spot.

Please keep in mind, finding an opening is never guaranteed. If there's no availability today, we have to rely on someone else cancelling their existing reservation, and sometimes that just doesn't happen.

So why "Schnerp"?



To acquire a scarce resource, usually by a thin margin

"How did you schnerp Lake O'Hara?! I thought was sold out all summer?"

It's a word my friend group uses when talking about hunting powder on a ski resort a few days after a storm. We'll put in massive efforts, staying high on traverses and suffering long run-outs, just to schnerp a single turn in untracked snow.

In that context, it vaguely means to acquire a scarce resource. When I was thinking about names for this project, I realized we're doing the same here, just with campsites.

Also, it's really fun to say.

Do you book a site for me?

No. We only monitor the availability of sites in campgrounds and notify you of an opening. It's up to you to research which one is right for you, and make the booking via the park's reservations system.

What campgrounds can I watch?

Right now, you can watch for campgrounds in the following networks:

We're always looking to expand to more provincial parks and other booking systems, but we can't promise anything since each system has it's own unique set of integration challenges.

How much does it cost?

Every new account starts with 10 free email notifications so you can dial in your requests and Schnerp one or two on us.

If you need more, or want advanced options like text messages, you can subscribe to a paid plan.

Read more about our pricing.

Do you have a free trial?


How often do you scan a site?

Right now, we're averaging a scan every 5 minutes, but this isn't guaranteed.

There's a lot of factors that can cause this scan speed to vary. Sometimes we run into a technical challenge that can slow down the scan interval or stop scanning altogether.

This a major focus in our development effort, and we're always looking at ways to scan faster to give you the best odds of schnerping a spot.

Why am I not seeing some campsites listed?

For the campgrounds that we do support, we run an automated process to collect a campsite list. This process isn't perfect and occasionally, we miss some.

If you find a mistake in the site listing, please let us know.

Does your service slow down park websites?

No, we feel very strongly about not abusing park websites. Our service is designed to combine scans from multiple requests into a single query, which is more efficient than if every person manually refreshed the page themselves.

Much like when we're out in nature, we do our best to leave no trace.

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Tell us what campground you're watching and let us take over the search.